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Tiki Room Cargo Pants, olive

Tiki Room Cargo Pants, olive

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Tiki Room Cargo Pants, olive.

55% cotton, 45% polyester.


Size Guide:

XS: adjustable waist (23" to 27"), knee 10" (across when laid flat), hem 8.5" (across when laid flat)

S: adjustable waist (27" to 31"), knee 10.75" (across when laid flat), hem 9" (across when laid flat)

M: adjustable waist (31" to 35"), knee 11.5" (across when laid flat), hem 9.375" (across when laid flat)

L: adjustable waist (35" to 39"), knee 11.75" (across when laid flat), hem 9.75" (across when laid flat)

XL: adjustable waist (39" to 43"), knee 11.75" (across when laid flat), hem 10.5" (across when laid flat)

The Tiki Room is a skateboarder owned, skateboarder employed skate shop located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and has been in operation under the same ownership since 1996. We support our community through local events, volunteerism, and skateboard advocacy.


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