About Us

About The Tiki Room

What began as a few boards on display on the radiator of our parent store (World of Trout), the Tiki Room has served the skateboard community of Regina since May of 1996. The Tiki Room was founded by Noel Wendt whose roots in skateboarding date back to the early 80's and continue to this day.

Our focus is strictly skateboarding. We eat, breathe, and sleep skateboarding.


  • Owen Woytowich
  • Taylor Senft
  • Josh Donison
  • Keir Matthews-Hunter
  • Dave Chapados
  • Mitch Serbu
  • Kelsey Chapman
  • Noel Wendt

*If we missed you, let us know and we'll credit you.

"To me, Tiki Room is the very essence of what skateboarding represents: good times, great friends, and an amazing family whose tree may be rooted in Regina, but has branched all over the country-even the world. Thank you for letting me be a part of the family!"

- Owen Woytowich

"The Tiki Room is more than just a core skate shop with great product. It's the staple of the Regina skateboard scene. Noel Wendt, along with the rest of the Tiki staff and family have put in a lot of work to make the Regina skate community what it is. From hosting video premieres, demos, contests, and even getting a plaza park built are just a few examples of what the Tiki Room does on a regular basis to make a shit hole of a city actually liveable for a skateboarder. Thank you Noel and the rest of the Tiki Room family for all of your hard work over the years!!"

- Taylor Senft

"Tiki Room is my roots to skateboarding- I wouldn't have what I've got if it wasn't for them."

- Cory Lakeman