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Hockey Double Knee Jean, dark green

Hockey Double Knee Jean, dark green

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14oz. Denim.
Straight Leg Relaxed Fit With Double Knee Paneling.
Custom Hockey Jacron Label.
5 Pocket; 6 Loop System Made To Skate.
Woven Hockey Art Stitched Into Left Knee Panel With Custom Hockey Tack Buttons And Rivets.

Made in USA.

Hockey is a skateboarding brand that was founded in 2015 under the umbrella of Fucking Awesome. The brand has quickly gained a reputation for its edgy graphics, high-quality decks, and commitment to innovation. In addition to decks, Hockey offers a range of apparel and accessories that reflect the brand's edgy, DIY aesthetic. Hockey's team riders are some of the most talented and influential skaters in the world, known for pushing the limits of what's possible on a board.

Andrew Allen: A pro skater known for his unique style and fearless approach to skating.
Donovan Piscopo: A skater with a smooth, flowing style who's known for his creativity and versatility.
John Fitzgerald: A powerful skater who's known for his technical skills and ability to handle big gaps and rails.
Ben Kadow: A raw, aggressive style that's all his own.
Caleb Barnett: A rising star in the skateboarding world, Caleb is known for his fast, fluid style and his ability to skate any terrain.

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