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Alien Workshop Abduction-33 Deck (8.125")

Alien Workshop Abduction-33 Deck (8.125")

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Alien Workshop Abduction-33 Deck (8.125"). Stain Colour may vary. Grip not included, but can be purchased in our grip and hardware section.


Born in 1990 in Dayton, Ohio, amidst the rise of street skating and DIY culture, Alien Workshop emerged as a beacon of innovation and artistic expression.

Founded by visionary skateboarders Mike Hill and Chris Carter, Alien Workshop quickly captured the attention of the skateboarding community with their graphics and videos. Drawing inspiration from science fiction, UFO sightings, confronting religious ideologies and clean graphic design, their imagery became iconic.

Alien Workshop remains a timeless symbol of authenticity, reminding us of the DIY aesthetic that birthed modern skateboarding.


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