Colonialism Bison #1 deck

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Colonialism Bison #1 deck
“The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.”
Source: The Oxford English Dictionary
Colonialism is a skateboard company based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, in Treaty 4 (1874) Territory. Our primary objective is to educate the public on elements of our shared history and culture of Aboriginal peoples in Canada through our love for skateboarding.
For decades, efforts have been made to rewrite and even conceal the history of colonization in what we now call ‘Canada.’ Historically, Aboriginal peoples have been either omitted from accounts of Canadian history or depicted as savages, free loaders or “needy Indians” while conversely colonizers/settlers were often depicted as great ‘pioneers' in textbooks and the effects of colonization, such as legislation like the Indian Act (1876) were rarely discussed in Canadian society. Similarly overlooked is the connection between colonial policies and legislation such as the Residential School system, the Reserve system, Indian Agents, and the Sixties Scoop that continue to affect all aspects of Aboriginal people’s lives. These events have not, until recently, garnered much of the general public’s attention.
The third graphic for #ColonialismSkateboards explores the mass extermination and near extinction of the #Plains #Bison (#Buffalo #Tatonka) - a fundamental consequence of colonization of North America and particularly Canada

Artist: Logan Miller

Made in Canada
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